The Team

Steven Pawley – Driver

Ste has been involved in Sidecar Racing since childhood, his father was a regular club racer and Ste accompanied him to most race meetings. At the age of 15, unbeknown to his dad, Steven obtained his ACU passengers licence, and became his dad’s regular passenger, until his fathers retirement. Despite numerous requests for him to passenger for other racers up to national level, Ste pursued other activities, until returning as a driver.

Just as Steven returned to the sidecar world he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia, during which time the Doctors advised him that he would be unable to race again. Ste has gone on to make an excellent recovery, and the ACU re-instated his race licence enabling him to compete back on track. Each time Ste lines up on the grid, it is a personal victory, and he takes great enjoyment from the sport.

David Hammond – Passenger

David is a newcomer to the Sidecar world, from being a keen motorcyclist from the age of 16, sidecars have always peaked his interest, particularly the role of the passenger. In early 2018, David finally sat his ACU licence, starting off as a passenger on the classic BEARS outfits, before teaming up with Steven.

When David isn’t at the racetrack, he can be found working alongside his father as a signwriter and printer.