Darley Moor – Round 3 – Race Report

After the disaster at Donington Park, which saw the boys bury the outfit in the gravel trap in Qualifying, followed by only finishing 1 race, with unusual technical and electrical issues seeing the team ultimately kill their engine.

With 3 weeks from then, the team swapped out the engine, and to prove that engine was a good ‘un, it was put on the Dyno. It passed the Dyno test without fault, and it was all go for Darley Moor.

It was decided to try some different gearing as the boys seem unable to break through the 1:10, so out for timed practice to see if the changes had worked.

The boys managed 1 1/2 laps before the same FI light came on, and the engine began to run on only 3 cylinders.  Lots of cursing, and frustration as they pulled off the track at the 2nd chicane! What, How & Why is causing it? It’s been on the Dyno and it ran sweet as a nut.

Once the session ended it the lads hopped back on and she fired up fine, on all 4  and rode back to the paddock. Asking around the paddock, it was suggested that perhaps the quickshifer was the culprit. It made sense as on the Dyno the bike was run in one gear.

Quick shifter disconnected, it was out for Race 1 to see if that cured it. Alas, after 2 laps it was evident that it wasn’t the cure, as the FI light came on again! This time Ste made it back to the paddock, Dave shouting at him not switch off the ignition when back at the awning, to enable them to retrieve the fault code!

Fault code retrieved, and lots of googling, there was a long list of possible causes, however one thing kept reoccuring across different websites, and with it being the easiest option, the power commander was removed, ready for race 2.

The lads got a reasonable start, and by the the 2nd chicane had passed Crowe/Williams, and Roberts/Roberts, the outfit was lacking it usual grunt with the changed gearing, but managed to open a healthy gap, with 10laps to run in the race, old foes Crowe/Williams managed to pass Roberts/Roberts and were now hunting down the boys, and soon snapping at the heels of Ste & Dave.

The outfit didn’t miss a beat, Crowe/Williams made up plenty of ground, adding the pressure of whether the fault would reoccur, it was Ste & Dave who crossed the line first bagging 8points, securing 2nd place 1pt behind Stockton/Stockton.

The outfit of Alflatt/Gorman ahead of them, but lapping at a respectable 1:07, the boys have some away positive from another challenging weekend.

We’ve identified the cause of the FI fault

We bagged some points for the championship

We’re confident the outfit is ready for Cadwell

Despite the poor gearing choice, a generic fueling map, and being cautious of the FI error, Ste & Dave managed to hold their own.

Next stop Cadwell Park, then regroup and look at where we can improve at Darley Moor in July.