S.P.R F2 Sidecar Team

Competing around the UK, racing a GSX-R 600 powered Shelbourne Outfit.
Meet the team

SPR F2 Sidecar Team

SPR F2 sidecar team are a Manchester based racing team, operated by driver Steven Pawley, with the support of his parents and partner. SPR run a Shelbourne tubular chassis, powered by a race prepared GSX-R 600 engine, producing approximately 120bhp at the 10 inch rear wheel! Ste  is meticulous in the preparation and cleanliness of the outfit, the hours spend in the garage pay off as the outfit is proven reliable on track.

In late 2018 Ste was joined by newcomer passenger David Hammond, obtaining initial experience as a passenger on classic outfits in the ‘low cost’ BEARS class, before a baptism of fire, experiencing an F2  Sidecar Revival meeting at Cadwell Park having never visited Cadwell prior, before joining SPR as Ste’s passenger.

SPR are frequent competitors at both Aintree & Darley Moor their ‘local’ club circuits, venturing further afield to race at some of the larger circuits. The team are still discussing their plans for the 2019 season, awaiting to see the race calendar for the year, so keep checking to see what news comes out over the off season.