Ste Pawley Racing - British F2 Sidecar Team

Newcomers to the 2020 British FSRA F2 Championship. With their Honda powered F2 outfit.
Meet the team

SPR British F2 Sidecar Team

SPR F2 sidecar team are a Manchester based racing team, operated by driver Steven Pawley, with the support of his parents and partner.

At the end of the 2019 season Ste sold his  Shelbourne tubular chassis, and purchased a newer tubular chassis manufactured by Greg Lambert. 2020 see’s the team switch power plant from the Suzuki GSX-R 600, to the Honda CBR engines, along with the chassis change.

Ste is meticulous in the preparation and cleanliness of the outfit, the hours spent in the garage paid dividends, as the team has a proven record of reliability on track. 2019 saw the team encounter an unusual technical issue at Donington Park with BEMSEE, which ultimately blew the engine.

The team changed the engine after the meeting, and performed a shake down on the Dyno, before heading to the next round at Darley Moor. During the timed practice the same issue occurred, much head scratching was done, and passenger Dave suggested they removed the Power Commander 5 from the outfit, which resolved the issue, and allowed the team to complete both races.

Ste and Dave were the only team to complete every round at Darley Moor… it wasn’t without their challenges, along with the engine issues, the team resorted to racing naked, after their fairing was damaged during practice.

In late 2018 Ste was joined by newcomer passenger David Hammond, obtaining initial experience as a passenger on classic outfits in the ‘low cost’ BEARS class, before a baptism of fire, experiencing an F2  Sidecar Revival meeting at Cadwell Park having never visited Cadwell prior, before joining SPR as Ste’s passenger.

Ste and David, will continue their partnership in the 2020 season, as things finally seemed to have clicked at the end of 2019, smashing the illusive 1:10 barrier at Darley Moor, with a 1:09.

Whilst the teams plans for 2019 were scuppered with the announcement from Aintree that racing was suspended, the team turned their attention to Darley Moor as their main championship, and visiting larger circuits to build their confidence and experience.

After joining the FSRA as wildcards at Oulton Park in 2018 & 2019, SPR will be joining the FSRA grid full time in 2020. Their only ambition and aim is to gain valuable experience, and get faster throughout the season… of course a few battles, and friendly rivalries along the way wouldn’t go a miss.